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2018-08-16T20:05:11.000-07:00August 16 2018, at 08:05 PM PDT, Michelle Valente said:

Peewee C Coaches are needed. If you are interested in coaching in any capacity and have not sent in your application, please do so ASAP. Peewee C will have 6 teams this year.
Thank you!

2018-08-09T13:04:34.000-07:00August 09 2018, at 01:04 PM PDT, Michelle Valente said:

If you have not received my "Welcome" email please let me know so I can sure you are in my contacts.
Thank you.

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by Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association, 2018-08-17T16:39:19.000-07:00August 17 2018, at 04:39 PM PDT

Hello everyone,

Volunteering opportunities will be open soon for tryouts. A general announcement via TeamPages will go out to let you k now it is open.

A few notes:

1) YOU ONLY NEED ONE PROFILE – IF YOU SIGNED UP LAST SEASON, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP AGAIN. Any duplicate accounts will be deleted. Only one profile per family please.

2) ALL VOLUNTEERING SIGN UPS WILL BE VIA BETTER IMPACT. Division Coordinators will not be posting their own spreadsheets. To volunteer, you must have a Better Impact account.

3) ENSURE YOU PUT ALL YOUR QUALIFICATIONS IN YOUR PROFILEESPECIALLY FOR HCSP. You will not be able to register for a HCSP shift during tryouts if that is not checked off in your profile. If it is your spouse, not you, that has the certification, please check it off anyway (as long as the person with the certification does the HCSP shift).

4) EXPECT TO TAKE MORE THAN ONE SHIFT. Parents that plan on managing, coaching, doing tournaments, or other large roles are asked not to volunteer during tryouts (exception – HCSP). Therefore there will be more shifts for others to fill.

5) YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN IN EVERY SHIFT. Every shift will have a volunteer check-in table for signing in. You must sign in to receive credit.

See you soon at the rink!